Where does e-commerce heading to …
February 07, 2020 by Ramesh Lagisetty



A Market place is a spot where the people gather and buy or sell their groceries / merchandise / Daily needs. This tradition has been existing from ancient times all over the world. Initial times, the transactions were performed on barter system. The service was purely on exchanging the goods without using money.

The merit of the barter system having the simplified transaction process and it functions without currency involvement. Demerit is, business is happening at limited boundaries, no inclusive commerce growth, encourages more un-employment and it won’t be helpful to the countries capital formation.


General store is a small or medium shop, which carries the selection of groceries / merchandise. The business of general merchant store can suits for small population and helps to create a local self-employment. Hence it’s a small volume of warehouse; customer cannot find the all items here.

Hyper / super markets are the bigger shopping malls which are targeted to the cities to serve the larger population needs. Customer can find all A to Z items at this spots. These markets can help to create larger employments.

The demerits are: Risk at investment / Stock and Customer has to walk-in to the store. No proper discipline on revenue auditing / Tax payment to the government.


Online shopping is the latest trend which took the life on 20th century. This is a new age market place. The current generation getting more comfort in terms of shopping experience compare to earlier generations. With online shopping, customers need not to visit the store; they can place an order from anywhere. All it needs a computer / smart phone with well internet. This process helps to save the time / space / money / energy. Demerit could be, it can affect the business at small scale local merchants / personal data security breaches to the online customers.

04 Virtual / Augmented (VR / AR) Reality E-COM STORE

With Virtual / Augmented reality (VR / AR) is an advanced flavor of online shopping. To get virtual reality shopping experience, customer has to wear the V/A R headset and he will be able to look around the artificial store and can interact with the virtual items. This technology is still in initial stage. It may take more time to get into action.

Only the benefit I could see, Customer gets virtual reality experience. Demerit could be, certainly, it will take lot of efforts to setup the V/A R store and besides that customer always has to wear the V/A R headset which he cannot bear that long time.


Holographic e-com store is a futuristic virtual reality store which is made with the play of more advanced science, technology and light. Here customers need not to wear any device. With holographic technology, customer can experience the artificial store where he can walk around and interact with items in the store.

A thought :
" If nature allows to science to know the secret of materialization / manifestation of the objects from eather or space, this discovery will unlock the logic of space and time and it will open the doors of immense flourishment at human race, out of this enhancement one possible ray, I would like to apply to halogram VR store, when customer touches any virtual item, A physical manifestation of that item should be happen at that time and place. If this happens, advantages are un-countable. Of course, there will be a shadow of disadvantages as well but I sense, this invention may take with-in one or two centuries. "

Ramesh Lagisetty
Founder & CEO
Feb 07, 2020