Call for migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
April 06, 2020 by Srikanth Polisetty

It is the right time to think about changing the system or upgrading it to a new version.

Magento 1.x is rounding off its support on 2020, and those who fail to implement Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration won’t receive security updates.

After the end of the Magento 1 support was announced. Yet, apart from the difficulties that have to be dealt with when migrating the system, a wide range of new chances opens up for entrepreneurs. How to recognize when the best moment for migration is? What is the best strategy to adopt? And what are the advantages of the new version? Let's find out.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration – The Benefits, Reasons, and Process ….


  • Design adapted to mobile devices with any screen resolution.
  • Magento 2 PWA Studio for better mobile experience to boost conversion rates and increase engagement.
  • Tools for customizing content and adding local preferences.
  • Reduced number of steps in shopping cart check out (from six to two) – less risk of cart abandonment
  • Order summary on one card eliminates the risk of error by the customer,
    E.g. when choosing a shipping method, which significantly improves the Customer experience.

Improved Performance and Scalability

Higher speed compared to Magento 1 thanks to full-page caching, which Magento offers with Community and Enterprise versions. Enhances database flexibility and scalability to deal with peak loads, improved indexer that increases search results relevance, Minified JavaScript, CSS and HTML and compressed images to reduce file size for faster loading.

  • Faster server response time for all activities on the website.
  • Improves web pages for faster delivery
  • Enhances proficiency of backend operations
  • Increased database flexibility and scalability to cope with peak sales workloads.
  • Boosts server response times for all website activities.

Mobile-friendly, Responsive Design and Better Admin Interface

Magento 2 offers mobile-friendly and responsive designs for delivering the perfect checkout experience to its customers. And

Innovative commerce and CMS theming, Purpose-built developer tools for fast prototyping, helpful debugging, rich feedback, and increased productivity.

Administration panel adjusted to touch screens makes it easy to manage a shop from a phone or tablet. The Magento 2 admin panel is touchscreen-friendly and makes it easy to deal with your store via mobile phones or tablets. It makes your site engaging, easy to use, and easy to navigate irrespective of the device in use and its resolutions.


Srikanth Polisetty
Sr. Software Developer
April 06, 2020